Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mariana Diarco Hot Celebrity in Maxim, Argentina, April 2011

Mariana Diarco saltó a la fama por ser la groupie personal de Andrés Calamaro. A ella recurrió el Salmón durante sus días de crisis matrimonial, pero lejos de ser un dulce consuelo, ella se encargó de volver a encender la llama rebelde.

Mariana Diarco peel tits and she looks as though possessed by the fire of eternal putez. "What happens is that I'm alone and the heat of summer I'm pretty it naked" petite is warranted, "I want to find a real man, not make me feel uncomfortable and make me laugh." And that makes a stop teaching drawing new, something that will not be easy. "Many are tiny and I believe that I have experienced" Marianita explains, "I was with many men and I fulfill fantasies all the time so I look for guys who are 30 and above because I still have things to discover." No, the tail already made it. Pete? Notice how grabs the microphone. Papo? "I debuted at 12 years in America," says the petite, "is a very different culture and I learned many things." And luckily all bad!

Be a wild fire on the beach or slow on the couch, Marianita Diarco says it accepts all kinds of men and credit cards. "I have a prototype of man, I do not like carilindos and no matter if you have belly" explains Diarco, because in his work that matters not the size of the dick but the wallet. "I always say that my body is my business and my tail an industrial park" confides the petite, which guarantees satisfaction no matter the size. "It may be a peanut or a tremendous thing, but for me the size is never a problem," explains the petite petera "The important thing is that you feel comfortable, go with the situation and that we define what we can do. I never make a proposal disgusted with me is worth everything. "

Diarco Mariana looks at you as if you're asking to bancar an appointment with this petite dangerous. "They forget that the poison comes in small packages, I have painted of asshole but in the master bed to let you know how to use 'she says in her 59 meters tall and professional tone," at first did not let me touch but I play everything what I want with it are desperate to explode. "And if you put one of the costumes explode insurance. "I like to bite his neck dressed as schoolgirl, give me a good spanking in the legs and tail," says Marianita putez in an attack, "there is taking the situation you feel comfortable and as I give everything without problems, for me there is nothing forbidden in bed I do what I want. "

Diarco Mariana awaits naked except for a couple of blocks whose style and proximity to the eyelet indicate putez of its owner. "When people ask me what I do, I say that my body is my business" says the blonde challenging, "the tits are fireplaces and my tail is like an industrial park." And some clients for years that visit the amusement park as Andres Calamaro, who took her first when she was 16 and now rent it again for the summer. "Poor Calamaro, grabbed my child, but got back together this summer," says the blonde, "I slept at home almost every day for three months, I made him oral sex while he played guitar, but not I want titulen 'Mariana Diarco Calamaro is sucked while singing' but it's true, we put a bed in the studio. "Hold the rock and roll, Calamaro Marianita plays guitar and flute!

Mariana Diarco grabs the ortho but not cover it but to indicate that the collection is open to the public. "The tail is not a problem for me, at most you have to lubricate a bit," says the blonde, "I have no taboos about sex." And you better believe him, because he continues to ensure that debuted at age 12. "I do not regret having surrendered myself so small," says the petite petera, "because while I was with many men, I thank you because they took me to be the woman I am today." And the woman she is today is quite petera. "Sometimes I have the fantasy of attacking a guy in an elevator" Marianita confesses, "and my knees right there to give oral sex without being asked."

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