Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sarah McDowd Hot US Model Fullerton California

Sarah McDowd moved to California by way of Colorado in December of 2007. She went to CU in Colorado. As per her "I can’t say enough great things about the school, the people, and the town! While in CO, I co-hosted a TV show called Inner Vision Unplugged, which was a musical showcase/fundraiser".

Sarah McDowd had served on the planning committee for the Climb to Conquer Cancer event, and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. When she moved to California, she was volunteering as an adult literacy tutor. Currently she is volunteering with an organization in LA called Project Angel Food.

Sarah McDowd also run a website for new models, semi-pro, and even professional models where you can find free modeling advice, articles, interviews, tips and tricks, model mentors, and MUCH more! The website is made FOR models, BY (working and experienced) models.
On a interview she told "I am interested in everything this world has to offer, and I plan on experiencing as much of it as possible. I love to learn. It is one of my favorite things to do! I just want to be a frigging’ POLYMATH!"

About Sarah McDowd


Sarah becomes a natural blonde and after 5+ years of dying my hair black.

My hair is currently BLONDE and long.
My eyes are blue and I do NOT wear colored contacts.

Cover of Sport Truck magazine

“My name is Sarah McDowd. I am the very antithesis of a “model”, and I’m ok with that. I’m not stupid, I’m not promiscuous, I’m not snobby, and I don’t have any desire to personify these things just because you might think I should. Sitting in front of a camera does not take away from my redeeming qualities… and if you think so, maybe you need to work on your own ‘redeeming’ qualities? Just sayin! lol.
Cover of Super Chevy Magazine Dec '10 

Cover of NiteGuide Magazine

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* Maxim's Hometown Hotties 2007
* Maxim's Hometown Hotties 2009 - Semifinalist 

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